Five women from around the world who are boldly breaking glass ceilings in the male-dominated world of orchestral conducting take center stage in Maestra, filmmaker Maggie Contreras’ directorial debut. They gathered in Paris for ‘La Maestra’, the only competition in the world for female conductors, to show the world the singular talent that unites them and which, for far too long, has been considered the pursuit of only men. Mothers, daughters, rebels, leaders – over four days, each takes to the stage to compete. Personal stories of survival, passion and perseverance are woven together with the drama and excitement of this one-of-a-kind event. The struggles and triumphs of the gifted artists in Maestra offer a microcosm for the challenges faced by women in every industry and in every walk of life today, while also providing valuable insights into how we may conduct ourselves as we create a new movement for a more equitable future.

It’s Only Life After All

With forty years of making music as the iconic folk-rock band Indigo Girls, Amy Ray and Emily Saliers have made their mark as musicians, songwriters, and dedicated activists. They have represented radical self-acceptance to many – leading now multiple generations of fans to say, “the Indigo Girls saved my life.” Still, Amy and Emily battled misogyny, homophobia, and a harsh cultural climate chastising them for not fitting into a female pop star mold. With joy, humor, and heart-warming moments, Sundance award-winning director Alexandria Bombach brings us into a contemporary conversation with Amy and Emily – alongside decades of the band’s home movies and intimate present-day verité.


Uncharted is a candid look at the music industry and a powerful group of women trying to change it. Alicia Keys, Ann Mincieli, Jody Gerson, and Sam Kirby aim to get more women on the charts through their organization, “She Is The Music”. Through the lens of race and gender, the documentary follows emerging artists at a life-changing songwriting camp helmed by Alicia Keys. The film follows their exciting but hard year ahead as they find their footing in a male-dominated industry. An intimate portrait of three rising stars over the course of a year, Uncharted reveals the impossible odds women face in music and how things can change one song at a time.