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Plays in Shorts Program: Through the Glass Darkly
Saturday, June 15
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Eaton Cinema

1201 K Street NW, Washington, DC 20005



David Gauvey Herbert


Lance Oppenheim, Abigail Rowe, Nate Hurtsellers


Dustin Waldman


Nate Hurtsellers

Frank Lucianna is the oldest practicing attorney in America. At 99 years of age, he’s preparing to mount his final criminal defense case with his law partners and daughters by his side. Together, they hope the case will be the old man’s greatest.

Director, Frank

David Gauvey Herbert is a journalist for New York Magazine, Esquire, and Bloomberg Businessweek. His stories center on local power dramas, and several are being adapted for TV, including stories about corruption in New York’s lifeguard union (Darren Aronofsky/Fox Searchlight), an epic feud between two Little League dads (Jason Bateman/Netflix), and the family drama at an iconic weight-loss camp for kids (Josh Gad/ABC Signature). Herbert is also the executive producer of a forthcoming HBO documentary series about the succession crisis at America’s biggest Renaissance festival (directed by Lance Oppenheim). Frank is his first film.