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Post Screening Panelist, Every Little Thing

Terry Masear


Participant, Every Little Thing

Terry Masear has been running Los Angeles Hummingbird Rescue since 2005 and is the longest-practicing hummingbird rehabilitation expert in the country. Los Angeles Hummingbird Rescue receives five thousand calls each year and has been involved in the rehabilitation and release of 10,000 rescued hummingbirds in Southern California. Every Little Thing, based on Terry’s best-selling book, Fastest Things on Wings (2015), documents the trials and triumphs of a summer spent rehabilitating orphaned and injured hummingbirds in Los Angeles. Terry’s extensive rescue work has led to several remarkable discoveries about hummingbird breeding and nesting practices unknown to science. Terry received her PhD from UCLA and taught English as a Second Language and postgraduate research and writing at UCLA for twenty years.