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Post Screening Moderator, Swamp Dogg Gets His Pool Painted

Sherin Nicole


brand & marketing maven, author, pop culture pundit

Sherin Nicole is a pop-culture pundit, an author, and might be a covert agent. The CIA offered her a college scholarship (but Sherin is too secretive for espionage). Since graduating from Howard University, she has worked in several creative spheres as a successful brand & marketing specialist. As an ‘agent raconteur’ and accredited critic, her work appears on RIOTUS,,,, and AWFJ. Widely quoted for her movie musings, Sherin contributes to various outlets where she gets nerdy about storytelling in every format—including the Geek Girl Riot radio show as its creator and producer. Culturally, she’s American, British-Caribbean, and Southern (complete with a love for grits, both sugary and savory). According to government reports Sherin resides in Washington DC, but she spends most of her time in the entertainment realm and hopes to meet you there.