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Associated Film:
The Ride Ahead

Samuel Habib


Co-director, The Ride Ahead

Samuel Habib is the Emmy Award-winning co-director of the New York Times Op-Doc My Disability Roadmap. Samuel was a story consultant on the nationally broadcast film Mr. Connolly Has ALS. His viral short video on his encounter with then-candidate Joe Biden was featured in Forbes Magazine. In 2016, he created a film about disability rights leader Judy Heumann, featured in the Breaking Down Barriers Film Festival in Moscow, Russia. Samuel has been a Concord Monitor newspaper columnist and has presented nationally on disability rights, inclusive education, and his educational and social transition to adulthood. Samuel uses a wheelchair for mobility and a communication device (as well as his voice) to express himself. In addition to exploring his current and future academic and career options, Samuel also navigates significant, chronic health challenges due to his underlying GNAO1 Neurodevelopmental Disorder. He is a multimedia production assistant and presenter at the Westchester Institute for Human Development.