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Joanna Rudnick


Director, Story & Pictures By

Joanna Rudnick is an Emmy-nominated director with over two decades of experience directing and producing documentaries. All of Joanna’s films engage with ideas of family, the importance of the arts in society, human health and wellness, social justice, and youth issues. Joanna’s first feature documentary, In the Family (PBS|POV), took a personal look at the effect that testing positive for the breast and ovarian cancer mutation had on her and several others, as well as the bioethical implications of the new medical technology. The film was broadcast in over a dozen countries, shown on Capitol Hill, and used in a Supreme Court case brought by the ACLU on gene patents. Joanna directed the animated short Brother (Independent Lens|PBS), the Chicago Film Festival Audience Award-winning short On Beauty (Shorts TV), and an episode of the duPont award-winning Hard Earned (Al Jazeera America). Her producing credits include the Emmy-award-winning Robert Capa in Love and War (PBS|BBC), Crossfire Hurricane (HBO), Bill T. Jones: A Good Man (American Masters|PBS), and Prisoner of Her Past (PBS). Joanna has a master’s in Science, Health, and Environmental Journalism.