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Associated Film:

Hasan Oswald


Director, Mediha

Since the start of his filmmaking career, Hasan Oswald has demonstrated an ability to capture the human experience through verité cinema. His unfettered access to and intimacy with his subjects creates a seamless veneer between the filmmaker and subject that heightens the immediacy and personal nature of his storytelling. He has covered the water crisis in Flint, Michigan (Forgotten USA), drug trafficking and homelessness in Camden, New Jersey (Higher Love), and the international diaspora of conflict refugees for National Geographic (Hell on Earth). His latest documentary, Mediha, follows a teenage Yazidi girl processing her trauma after being held captive by ISIS. Mediha won the Grand Jury Award and Audience Award (runner-up) at DOC NYC in 2023. Hasan was also named one of DOC NYC’s 40 under 40 documentary rising stars to watch, co-presented by HBO Documentary Films.