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Post Screening Panelist, Porcelain War



Film Subject, Porcelain War

Frodo (Film Subject) is the award-winning furry subject of Porcelain War, and the Sundance Grand Jury Prize: US Documentary winner. Attending from his home of Kharkiv, Frodo represents the courage and resilience of his people in Ukraine. He is a survivor and an inspiration. Frodo was born in 2016 and, in his first year of life, survived a car accident. When he was three-years-old Frodo was bit by a viper snake while on a walk in the forest, and he spent five days in the emergency hospital where he received a blood transfusion from an American Boxer dog. He has survived more than two years of shelling since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

When he can, Frodo loves to hike, swim in the river, and search for mice. His daily routine is sitting in nature with Slava and Anya for tea as he protects them from air attacks (birds, helicopters, planes). In his role as a service dog, Frodo has enjoyed his travels around the world representing Ukraine, including DC, where he met with Congress and the Senate about the importance of defending democracy.