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Associated Film:
America’s Burning

David Smick


Director, America's Burning

David Smick is Chairman and CEO of JSI, Inc., a global macroeconomic strategy firm based in Washington, D.C. Launched in 1986, the firm’s first client was George Soros. Other clients included JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and many of the world’s leading financial institutions. In 1987, Mr. Smick founded The International Economy magazine, read by many in the world’s central banking and finance ministry communities. In 2008, Mr. Smick wrote the international bestseller The World is Curved (Penguin PorYolio), which predicted the coming financial crisis. The New York Times called the book “astonishingly prescient.” In 2020, with the help of Academy Award-winning director Barry Levinson, who served as Executive Producer, Mr. Smick wrote and directed the full-length documentary film Stars and Strife, distributed by Starz. The Washington Post called the film “superb.” David Brooks of The New York Times said: “If you’ve watched Stars and Strife once, watch it six more times. It’s all about hope.” Mr. Smick, 70, is married and has three children and four grandchildren. A frequent critic of today’s hyper-partisan politics, he is a registered Independent.