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Associated Film:
Majority Rules

AJ Schnack


Director, Majority Rules

AJ Schnack is an award-winning nonfiction filmmaker and visual artist based in Los Angeles. His feature films include the ESPN 30 for 30: Long Gone Summer, Kurt Cobain: About a Son, and Gigantic (A Tale of Two Johns). While his films cover a wide range of topics (including music, baseball, and journalism), he is especially known for his nonpartisan documentaries that delve into American electoral politics, including Convention, Caucus, and the short form series for Vanity Fair, NomiNation. Schnack’s work in political vérité has been hailed by the NY Times as “a testament to the power of observational documentary,” by the Washington Post as “not just delightful watching, but required viewing,” and by the Daily Beast as providing “a riveting glimpse into the American political process.”