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Your Fat Friend


Jeanie Finlay

Executive Producers

Charlotte Cook, Sandra Whipham, Shanida Scotland


Jeanie Finlay, Suzanne Alizart


Alice Powell


Stewart Skylar Copeland, Jeanie Finlay, Lindsay Trapnell, Michel Palmieri, Donal Mosher, Aubrey Gordon

Aubrey Gordon began her career writing with candor and humor as the anonymous blogger “Your Fat Friend”. Her searingly honest writing describes what it’s like to be a fat woman in the world, how the fantasies peddled by the diet and wellness industry are worth $26 billion a year, and how the biggest threat to fat people’s health might just be the bias that some many health care providers hold for fat people. Aubrey spent a decade campaigning for LGBTQIA rights so she knows that change is possible. Now it’s time to advocate for herself. For Aubrey, this isn’t about “body positivity” co-opted by brands to sell fat-kinis to size 16 women, it’s about bringing about a paradigm shift in the way that we treat fat people and the fat on our own bodies. It has brought her an insatiable worldwide audience, and threats to her life. Your Fat Friend follows Aubrey’s rise from anonymous blogger to NYTimes best-selling author and co-host of the podcast Maintenance Phase, and charts the complexities of finding a place in the world when you don’t quite fit in.

Director, Your Fat Friend

Jeanie Finlay is one of Britain’s most distinctive documentarists. She creates award-winning work for cinema and television, telling intimate stories for international audiences.

She has made films for HBO, IFC, and four BBC Storyvilles. Including; BIFA nominated Seahorse, Emmy-nominated Game Of Thrones: The Last Watch, BIFA-nominated The Great Hip Hop Hoax & BIFA winning Orion: The Man Who Would Be King, and Sound It Out (SXSW ). Your Fat Friend is her tenth feature film.

Jeanie has received a prestigious Chicken & Egg award, an honorary Doctorate by Nottingham Trent University in recognition of her contribution to documentary filmmaking, and won an inspiration award at Sheffield Doc/Fest. Her work has been showcased in retrospectives at MOMI, True Story, and the BFI Player. In June her films are featured on the Criterion Channel.