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The Dads


Luchina Fisher


Shan Shan Tam, Luchina Fisher


Eric Miclette


Eric Miclette

Six dads gather in rural Oklahoma for a weekend fishing trip. As the men cast their rods into the river, share their catch over dinner, and swap stories beside the bonfire, we learn what has brought them to this scenic idyll: the love for their trans and LGBTQ children, their fears for their kids’ safety, and the urgency to fight for the ground on which they all stand. The Dads is a quiet meditation on fatherhood, brotherhood, and manhood amid the changing American landscape.


Courtesy of Netflix

Director, The Dads

Luchina Fisher is an award-winning director, writer, and producer. Her feature directorial debut Mama Gloria, a 2022 GLAAD Media Award nominee, aired on PBS. Her latest film Team Dream won the audience award for best short at Chicago International and best documentary at TIDE film festivals, qualified for Oscar consideration, and will air on BET.