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Sunday, June 16
2:00 PM - 3:45 PM

Landmark E-Street Cinema

555 11th Street NW, Washington, DC 20004

Skywalkers: A Love Story


Jeff Zimbalist, Maria Bukhonina

Executive Producers

Nick Spicer, Nick Frew, Polina Dubik


Jeff Zimbalist, Maria Bukhonina, Chris Smith, Tamir Ardon


Jeff Zimbalist, Alannah Byrnes


Renato Borrayo, Serrano Pablo, Rojas Castillo, Ivan "Beerkus" Kuznetsov, Angela Nikolau

Angela grew up in poverty outside Moscow, where her parents worked for the circus. Despite her humble beginnings, she showed exceptional talent as a gymnast and became skilled at rooftopping, climbing the world’s tallest buildings without safety harnesses. However, her male climbing peers did not accept her. Determined to prove herself, Angela began to outshine the boys with her bravery and creativity.

Her skills caught the attention of Russia’s top rooftopper, Vanya. Together, they formed an elite team and introduced a new style of climbing, which they called “skywalking.” They captured artistic photographs of acrobatic stunts on skyscraper edges, and their work went viral. Sponsored to travel and with their brand flourishing, Angela and Vanya’s partnership grew into a romantic relationship, and their social media following exploded.

However, their success was interrupted by the Covid pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. To salvage their careers and relationship, they made the difficult decision to leave Russia and attempt their most challenging feat yet: conquering the second tallest building in the world.

Filmed over six years in six countries, Skywalkers explores the challenges Angela and Vanya face as they strive to choose love amidst the most daunting circumstances.

Co-director, Skywalkers: A Love Story

Maria Bukhonina is originally from Siberia. Her producing credits range from Booze Traveler on Travel Channel to Heist for Netflix to the Emmy-nominated commercial for the 100th Olympic Games, along with a range of sports documentaries for ESPN, Netflix, and Showtime. Skywalkers is her first co-directing project.

Co-director, Skywalkers: A Love Story

Jeff Zimbalist is a multi-Emmy and Peabody-winning filmmaker most known for Ida and Tribeca Film Festival winner Favela Rising (HBO), Emmy winner and Cannes Film Festival favorite The Two Escobars (ESPN, Disney), Emmy and Tribeca Film Festival winner Momentum Generation (HBO, Universal), Pelé; Birth of a Legend (Magnolia, Universal), the Emmy winning series Remastered (Netflix), Emmy nominated The Line (Apple), Emmy nominated 11 Minutes (Paramount+), Super League; War for Football (Apple), and Sundance and Tribeca festival favorite Invisible Beauty (Magnolia).