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Nicholas Mihm

Executive Producers

Rostam Zafari, Brandon Stanton


Lisa Rudin


Azadeh Navai, Nicholas Mihm


Hunter Hughes

Bubjan is the story of a life lived. This is the journey of Parwiz Zafari, an Iranian man who has been living in exile in the United States since the Islamic Revolution in 1979. Parwiz was a member of the Iranian parliament, where he dedicated his life to making Iran a progressive, modern, and free society — before the Islamic Republic swept it all away, and he was forced to leave behind everything he knew. Told from the perspectives of Parwiz and his eldest son, we hear the mythology behind the principles he learned as a boy, principles that guided him as a young idealistic man in government, and that continue to guide him as a displaced elder living amongst the Iranian diaspora. Parwiz has held on to the belief that Iran will one day become a free country and the hope that a new generation will carry the torch toward a brighter future for his homeland.

Director, Bubjan

Nicholas Mihm is an Emmy-nominated filmmaker based in Los Angeles, California. He graduated with a BA in Film Production from Arizona State University and has directed and edited commercial work and short documentary films for many major brands and organizations. In 2021, Nicholas directed, produced, and edited his first feature-length film, In the Dark of the Valley. The independently produced documentary was acquired for distribution by MSNBC, in association with Village Roadshow Television. The film won multiple Best Documentary awards at film festivals around the country, as well as a nomination at the 2022 News & Documentary Emmy Awards for Outstanding Social Issue Documentary.