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Manuel Muñoz Rivas


Manuel Muñoz Rivas


Manuel Muñoz Rivas


Mauro Herce, Manuel Muñoz Rivas

On board a ferry, a series of passengers cross a river from one riverbank to the other. Some of the travelers wrap themselves in silence and observe the unfamiliar fellow travelers or contemplate the scenery. Some others chat, perhaps to liven up the voyage and speed up time. The journey on the waters seems to expand, the destination shore is postponed, the magnitude of space is blurred. Motion itself is perhaps the only certainty.

Director, Aqueronte

Manuel Muñoz Rivas is a filmmaker based in Spain. He alternates his personal film projects with co-writing and editing films for colleagues. His first feature film El mar nos mira de lejos (The Sea Stares At Us From Afar) premiered in 2017 at Berlinale, in the Forum Section, and was shown at several international film festivals. His short film con El viento (With the Wind) premiered at the Oberhausen International Short Film Festival. Manuel has worked, as editor and/or co-writer, in films like Dead Slow Ahead, Blanco En Blanco, Eles Transportan, A Morte, Arraianos, and Ocaso.